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How everything started

The 2020 lockdown during the pandemic hit us and we've been spending a lot of time at home. It didn't take long until we got tired of Netflix & Co. and started looking for a project. We've always wanted to put the skills we learned at university to practical use and expand on them.

While scrolling Facebook and Instagram up and down, we came across a ton of memes and shared it with each other. But there was no good experience to laugh together! And not to mention the lack own creativity ...

This was our chance to bring people together and make them laugh about insider jokes while creating new memes!

Driven by the community idea, the motivation increased more and more and we started looking for the right tech stack.

This is us – the Creators of We Meme

Jonas Bayer

Jonas Bayer


Julia Kohl

Julia Kohl


Both of us didn't really know too much about NodeJS or what web sockets are. But during lockdown we've moonlighted and got new skills

Inspired by "What do you Meme" (the famous card game), we thought how we can implement this as a browser game.

To do this, we drafted many blueprints and program sequences with pen and paper and tried to break down the separate steps. To be honest ... it was not so easy to think of all the but-what-ifs! We changed and rethought our database structure as well as the entire architecture a couple of times until we finally came up with a playable game.

But here we are now: We Meme is running quite well so far (if you find a bug, feel free to contact us!) and the multi player browser game is played by a couple of thousand people per month.

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If you find any bugs, have ideas for future feautures or want to collaborate, we are happy to head from you (info@we-meme.io)!

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