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Who writes the best captions? Submit and vote for the funniest caption. May the best Meme Creator win.

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Some time ago FuckJerry (Elliot Tebele) started a hype with his MEME-Account. Since then memes are everywhere.

But ... what are memes?

Most common internet memes are photos with a bold caption written in Impact font. The text will usually be humorous or sarcastic. Instead of a photo it can also be a video, GIF or anything else.
What all memes have in common is the 'Spreadability', the chance of going viral. Good memes are usually relatable for a lot of people.

Now we know what memes are, but what is We Meme?

It's a free multiplayer game you can play online with your friends.

The goal is to write the best (funniest, most hilarious, craziest, ...) caption. You can create your own room and share the link with your friends to play together. In your game room you will see a photo. Your task is to write a caption for that specific image. After everyone submitted, you will see all captions in a popup. By clicking on one of the captions you can vote for your favorite. Each vote increases the total score of the caption creator. As soon as everyone voted, the winner caption will be displayed. After ten seconds the next image shows.

Wanna learn more about the creators & behind the scences? Check the about page! And if you still have questions about the game play and its rules, we've added a introduction about what is We Meme.

You are more than welcome to screenshot your best memes and share them with us via Instagram @wememe.io or use the hashtag #wememe.

After ten rounds (ten images) the overall winner will be announced.

Ad: Tired of staring at the screen? Check out the card game What do You Meme

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