What is We Meme?

We Meme is a free multiplayer browser game where you can play with your friends. The goal of the game is to write the best (funniest, most hilarious, craziest, ...) meme caption for an image. After every player has submitted a caption to the shown image (GIF), they can vote for their favorite meme caption and after everyone voted, it will show the meme caption with the highest votes. Behind We Meme you'll find two students from University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg Schweinfurt who created this game during cold winter days to improve their coding skills.

The idea behind We Meme was to create a meme generator in which people could make fun together.

We Meme is created as a multiplayer browser game and can be played without installation on your computer, tablet or mobile device (via We-Meme.io in every browser, no matter which device). The current version of We Meme is free and will remain free forever – No paid features! The game itself doesn't have any specific purpose or use but makes people laugh together during the time of social distance.

You can play We Meme with your friends in private game rooms and other meme lovers from all around the world in the public game room. Just create a game room, send the link to all your buddies and start creating hilarious captions! Every time you vote for your favorite meme, the player's score increases. The best caption wins at the end of the round and everyone will see it.

Players have 45 seconds to think of a caption, start writing it and submit it into the input field. In the next step, all players can vote and after the newly created winner meme was shown 10 seconds to all players, We Meme shows another image and starts waitings for new memes again. After ten rounds – and tons of newly created memes (depends on the number of active players) – the winner is announced.

Upcoming Features:

Currently, there are some features that aren't available yet but will be implemented soon:

All players can chat with each other within the game room during the game. Feel free to take a screenshot and share the newly created Memes via social media with all your friends and followers (you can tag @wememe on Instagram to get reposted or use the hashtag #wememe)!

You've decided to play We Meme?

That's awesome. Now all you need is a catchy meme title and some creativity for the best captions!

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